It’s all in the detail

The fine details such as flowers, the wedding cake, photographers and wedding favours are some of the areas to consider when planning your special day. We’ve worked with experts to offer advice and to deliver the best in their business. 

All sorted!!

Decoration & Material

We will choose together the decoration you want

Music, sound & lights

We work with bands, dj's, all experts in sound and lights too

Wedding Planner

If you want a wedding planner and forget about all the organization and decisions we offer Wedding planner services.

Meet our British Wedding Planner


El Cavaller offers accommodation for the family, but we will give you a list of accommodations in the area for the other guests

Photographer & video

We work with the best photographers and video makers in the area


Have a wedding with the best spanish food. You always will have the last word in which menu to choose


If it is needed we can arrange transport to/from Barcelona, Vic or Girona


We will advice you and set up your ceremony for the big day